Company Structure

The Kord Goup consists of three separate companies: KordTech Pty Ltd, Kord Defence Pty Ltd and WetPC Pty Ltd.

KordTech, which wholly owns Kord Defence, holds the Group’s core IP (see here) and provides a focal point for investment. It has over 20 private shareholders and shares a common board with Kord Defence.

Kord Defence has a licence from KordTech to commercialise Kord®IT for defence, homeland security and law enforcement markets.

WetPC, which has separate shareholding and Board, has a licence for underwater applications.

The structure shown below allows for the creation of additional companies as the core technology is commercialised in new markets.

Kord Tech P/L ABN 28079663488 | Kord Defence P/L ABN 25125344505 | WetPC P/L ABN 68125344309