Welcome to the Kord website.

We are a privately owned group of companies, based in Canberra Australia, comprising KordTech Pty Ltd, Kord Defence Pty Ltd and WetPC Pty Ltd. 

We have developed a new push-button interface technology that provides fast, one-handed control of multiple electronic devices, without compromising safety or a user’s ability to perform the task at hand.

Our mission is to enable people in hazardous and stressful situations to access and control their devices without having to take either their eyes or hands off task.

We provide fast, simple engagement with your electronic devices when it matters – anywhere and under almost any condition.

Further information on these companies, and their respective technologies and products, can be found by accessing their individual web pages (below).

We hope you find the information both interesting and helpful and we welcome your comments and inquiries. Please come back and visit us again soon.

Kord Tech P/L ABN 28079663488 | Kord Defence P/L ABN 25125344505 | WetPC P/L ABN 68125344309