Kord® IT

We are commercialising a new interface technology for controlling mobile computers and electronic devices - with one hand, under any condition and without always having to look at a screen.

Called Kord® Interface Technology, it has benefits anywhere easy one handed computer human interaction is required. Originally developed at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) to control the WetPC® underwater computer, the core of the technology is a patented chordic graphical user interface (CGUI) that has many applications (mobile, wearable and underwater computers, outdoor and ruggedized controls, defence, telematics, avionics, handheld devices such PDAs and phones, computer gaming, and handicapped).

Kord® IT is astonishingly easy to learn and use and has numerous advantages :-

• compact, easily incorporated into handheld devices
• one/two handed, ambidextrous
• unaffected by movement or vibration
• needs little visual concentration or feedback
• can control complex software
• private and discreet

For further information download our Kord® IT Applications white paper.

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