Our core IP has been protected by patents in most major commercial markets worldwide.

The patents cover the concept of “what you see is what you press” (WYSIWYP), and in particular the use of on-screen symbols to show the user what button or buttons to press. There is a one-to-one correspondence between the indicia of the symbols and the fingers of the user – each finger rests on a single and specific button of the controller.


A brief summary of the IP is as follows:

“A Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for computing and other electronic devices which is:
• an input device having a plurality of keys each assigned only to a specific single digit of the human hand, the keys being physically arranged to match the relative sequential relation of the digits;

• the input device is coupled to a processor device which in turn is coupled to a visual display device;

• the processor device receives instructions or data from the input device and outputs information to be displayed on the display device; and

• the processor device is programmed to cause the display of one or more indicia, and wherein each indicium represents a user initiated instruction or data input and is displayed in a manner (one-to-one correspondence with the sequential relation of one or more of the keys) to indicate which combination (chord) of one or more digits effect said instruction or data input, and thus which respective one or more keys are to be activated; “

“The invention relates to a human/machine interface for computing devices. The interface is particularly, but not exclusively, suited to use with computing devices implemented in a compact format, and for computing devices to be used in mobile and adverse environments.”

Further information can be found in Australian Patent No. 693553, US Patent No. 5900864 and WIPO (WO/1995/032461).

Two Innovation Patents also have been deeded which further protect aspects of the core IP. They relate to the use of static displays (AU 2003100131) and 3-button hand-held devices and radial pointers (AU 2004100131).

We are constantly generating new ideas and inventions that stem from our research and development into Kord® IT, which in turn will lead to the creation of new patent applications.

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