Vision and Values

Soldiers who are situationally aware and safe.

To provide a faster, easier, safer way for soldiers to control their electronic devices - anywhere and anytime.

Our Company
• Our company will be recognised for its innovative technologies and products and its creative solutions to customer problems. We aim to be a world leader in our field and to be at the “Cutting Edge” of innovation.

• We will show strong and intelligent leadership, wise management, effective planning and an indefatigable commitment and perseverance towards achieving our vision and making our company a commercial success.

• We place great emphasis on knowledge brought about through continual improvement, effective problem solving and learning, even through our failures, at all levels within the organisation.

• We will be ethical in all our interactions and will demonstrate and apply the highest possible standards and practices in all our work and transactions with others.

• We will communicate openly and honestly with each other, our customers and business partners.

• We want our Company to be well respected and trusted by its employees, supporters, business collaborators, customers and the community.

• We want to foster innovation and the development of new ideas and intellectual property for the benefit of all Australians.

 Our Employees and Workplace
• Skilled and clever employees with innovative ideas, a passion for what they do and a commitment to succeed are the lifeblood of our Company and the key to its future success.

• We are committed to ensuring a safe and secure workplace that is free of discrimination and harassment, one which is both enjoyable and stimulating, where good work is recognised and rewarded, and where employees are empowered to make decisions and encouraged to continually develop their skills.

 Our Investors and Supporters
• The people and organisations that invest in us are an extremely important part of our Company.

• We highly value their commitment and faith in us.

• We will do all that we can to ensure that their investment is well spent and is grown wisely.

 Our Customers and Partners
• Our customers and clients are extremely important to us. Consequently, we will be responsive to their needs and views, act fairly and honestly in our dealings with them and deliver our innovative products and solutions in a cost effective and timely manner.

• We will be customer driven and market led.

• We will seek to foster strong and lasting relationships and alliances with our partners and clients.

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