The SeaSlate, which was produced as a prototype for the Royal Australian Navy in 2000, comprised a computer within an acrylic pressure-proof housing connected to a 5-button Kord® Grip. The computer and Kord® Grip, which were mounted on a flat acrylic panel, were held in front of the diver so that the computer’s screen could be viewed whilst swimming (through the clear housing). The computer was linked to an underwater Global Positioning System (GPS) which enabled a diver to:

• Display their position and swim path;
• Display diagrams/pictures of mines and similar types of ordnance;
• Enter environmental parameters;
• Download the data for post mission analysis.

The technology was the forerunner of the SeaPC produced under license by Nautronix Ltd. It was later incorporated by that company into Mine Warfare Underwater Combat Systems for the Royal Australian Navy.  

To view underwater footage of the handheld SeaSlate underwater computer click here.

To view underwater footage of the SeaPC (taken during trials in Florida with the National Coral Reef Institute) click here.

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